#5 Easiest Vegetables to Grow


# 5 of the easiest Vegetables to Grow

You don’t necessarily need to have a green thumb to grow and harvest a large amount of fresh vegetables for your family, right from your backyard or balcony. Whether you’re a beginning gardener or more of a novice, here are some of the easiest and almost foolproof vegetables to grow.

  1. Tomatoes: Quite possibly the most popular choice when starting a vegetable garden of any size. Tomatoes are beautiful when they bloom and tasty to eat. For those lacking space, you can grow tomatoes in baskets hanging off your deck or with containers placed anywhere with large amounts of sun. Hint: Starter plants purchased from a garden center are some of the easiest to start with and grow.
  1. Cucumbers: These fresh and tasty vegetables prefer the sunlight and warmer temperature climates. Thanks to their vertical growth, cucumbers do their best in containers. The trick is to water them regularly and before you know it they will sprout like weeds. These harvest so well, you will probably have too many and will take some to work and your neighbors house as a gift or treat.
  2. Carrots: I remember fondly doing a project like this in grade school. It was fun then, and will be now to grow carrot greens from their tops. Overall, carrots are simple to grow. These vegetables can grow very large depending upon the soil and placement. Carrots prefer deep and well-drained soil. Raised garden beds are always a good idea. Like most crops, they prefer lots of sunlight, but seem to do quite well and will, tolerate light shade. No matter how you slice it, carrots are easy and fun to grow.
  3. Radishes: Radishes can be full grown in 20 days!!! What a great starter plant for your first young gardener’s experience. Not only do they taste great and make wonderful additions to appetizer, salads or just as a plan snack. Although, not everyone loves their taste, once you see how fast they can grow you will be hooked into radishes.
  4. Green Beans: From string beans, snap beans or whole beans, green beans are perfect for home gardens. With hundreds of varieties to choose from, green beans can be quite rewarding and fun for anyone to grow. They grow fairly easy from seeds and most green beans prefer full sun with a well-drained soil.